Insurance Company Refusing to Allow a Patient the Right to Live is Inhumane – Steve Drobac, Jr

 On September the 9th, 2012, I read an article on my iPhone posted by WTAE TV about a young mother from the Brentwood/Bethel Park area. A Young Mother who was battling breast cancer and denied insurance coverage by her insurance carrier for a new chemotherapy drug that had an 85% survival rate. Why?

 After all, we do have Obamacare & Republicancare policies don’t we? You know, the care both political sides introduced into law guaranteeing their version is better than the others.

 Unfortunately, it is not as good as our elected politicians medical coverage they approve for themselves.

 The law demanding medical coverage for those with pre-existing conditions was a must have. A law not allowing insurance companies to drop us from coverage, or raise our rates astronomically when diagnosed with a severe disease is a must.

 Oh my, how could I be so ignorant! Insurance carriers do have the right to deny medical treatment for medicine you need to survive, but not coverage. Insurance carriers are allowed to decide whether we live or die.

 Now, this young mother is not only battling breast cancer, she is also battling mental fatigue watching family and friends fight like hell to raise money to stop a loved one from dying. Meanwhile her insurance carrier will not be held responsible and/or liable for denying her the right to live for refusing to allow her a new drug that has an 85% survival rate. WHY?

 Insurance companies refusing to allow a patient the right to live is inhumane. Obamacare, Republicancare, and we the people are allowing this to happen right here under our own eyes in the United States.

 Unfortunately until it actually affects someone personally the majority of people do not care about addressing the following issues:

 Our state & federal elected politicians vote for & approve the very best medical & pharmaceutical benefits for themselves & family members. They vote for and approve their own wages and pension benefits. What written constitutional law allows state & federal elected politicians the right to: introduce, vote for, and approve their own wages; medical, pharmaceutical, and pension benefits; not only for themselves, but their families as well?

 Why does the news media refuse to write about and televise this important issue during elections? They refuse to make this issue a very important topic during an election year, why? Technically state & federal elected politicians are employees of the people. It is the people who hire them when voting them into office. Government is not a private business. Every American worker has money deducted from their paycheck every payday to pay for these luxury benefits state & federal politicians are awarding themselves. Therefore, only the voter must be allowed to vote for and approve these luxury benefits.

 I am kindly asking every voter and every American worker to please demand that our newspapers and TV stations begin covering this extremely important issue during elections. Michelle can be someone in your family, or YOU one day, denied the right to live by your insurance carrier. Every American worker is paying for the benefit packages our elected politicians and their families receive and are enjoying. Do you care? Then please demand from our newspapers and TV stations to begin covering this extremely important issue during elections so support can be built to win this issue.

 Thank you,
 Steve Drobac, Jr.
 Former Democratic Candidate for Congress in PA-4 2002 & 2004
 Now PA-15

SEE: Fundraiser Held to Pay for Drug http://tinyurl.com/9ahbrlq

 Demand only YOU “the Voter” can approve employee benefits the House and Senate award themselves, not the politician elected to the House or Senate.

If you would like to get involved please e-mail me with your email address, name, city & state so we can form committee’s to make our voice heard in the upcoming election.